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About PTC

About PTC

Professional Testing Corporation (PTC) was founded in 1983 to provide professional organizations of all sizes with quality psychometric services. Over the years PTC has expanded its range of services to include:

The specific services provided to each client depend entirely on the unique needs and preferences of the organization. PTC welcomes the opportunity to review organization requirements and develop a customized proposal to satisfy your organization's needs.

Contact Information

PTC Holidays Schedule
  Address: Professional Testing Corporation
1350 Broadway, 17th Floor
New York, NY 10018  
  Phone: (212) 356-0660
  Fax: (212) 356-0678 


Executive Staff

  Vicki Gremelsbacker
(212) 356-0683 
  Sherry I. Frier
Vice President, Testing Services
  Jill Rooney
Vice President, Financial Services
(212) 356-0670
  Shakil Ahmed
Director of Technical Services
(212) 356-0675 


PTC is located in the epicenter of New York City, within arm's length of great hotels and public transportation. Conference rooms for small and large meetings are located on the premises.

State-of-the-art data management technology, including high speed scanning and processing equipment, in-house graphics design, artwork, printing, mailing, and distribution capabilities, enables PTC to provide maximal services to its clients in minimal time.  

National Certification and Licensure Testing Program Development 

Certification is one part of a process called credentialing. It focuses specifically on the individual and is an indication of current proficiency in a specialized field. Certification is highly valued and provides formal recognition of knowledge in a particular area of practice. PTC's staff of professionals is experienced in the initial development and ongoing operation of credentialing and licensure programs, including consultation on psychometric and other issues related to the testing procedure.  

National and International Test Administration 

PTC can provide all administrative responsibilities involved in a testing process including: developing a Candidate Handbook of test information to be printed and distributed through the mail or downloaded from the Internet; processing candidate applications and fees; scheduling and arranging testing centers in cities throughout the United States and Canada as well as at special sites all over the world; providing secure test booklet printing; shipping and inventory of test materials; administering examinations; processing and reporting results; and preparing certificates.

Self-Assessment Test Development and Administration 

PTC provides a range of services to individuals or organizations interested in self-assessment. PTC works with clients to first identify the self-assessment goals and then designs the most appropriate testing methodology to meet those goals. PTC offers the flexibility and technical capabilities essential to individualized self-assessment programs.  

Survey and Questionnaire Development and Administration 

Measurement of complex human thoughts and attitudes is essential to understanding behavior. Survey instruments can be invaluable tools for measuring satisfaction, opinions, and physical/psychological well-being. PTC has psychometricians, statisticians, form designers, and programmers on staff to provide everything a client might need to conduct a professional, well-executed survey. From survey development and design, to data collection and analysis, PTC has the resources to create and deliver scannable or computer-based questionnaires quickly and efficiently.  

Surveys Available
Attitude Program Evaluation
Balloting Quality of Life
Client Needs Research
Opinions Role Delineation
Outcomes Satisfaction
Performance Improvement Tracking and Trending

Survey Services Presentation [PPT Slide] 454kb / 4 mins  
Survey Services Presentation [HTML Slide]  
For more information about PTC's Survey Services send an e-mail to:  

Statistical Analysis and Reporting Services 

PTC's statisticians and programmers provide quantitative and qualitative data analysis and customized reports. Report production capabilities include interpretive graphic presentations as well as interactive electronic viewing tools.  

Psychometric Consulting 

With many years of combined experience working on all aspects of credentialing examination programs, PTC's staff of psychometricians is capable to assist organizations with a number of issues including: program development and credentialing feasibility; role delineation studies; test and item development including conducting question writing workshops; correlation studies; and test validation.  

Association/Board Management 

PTC staff, with its extensive administrative experience, provides to professional organizations for a variety of management services. Services include: establishment of an administrative office; staff coverage of the office for responses to verbal, written, and electronic inquiries; establishment and maintenance of bank account and financial records; meeting arrangement and planning; record management; advertising; and maintenance of current membership information including invoicing and fee collection for annual dues and recertification. 

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