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Certified Nurse Life Care Planners CNLCP® Certification Board

Certification Examination for Nurse Life Care Planners 
Recertification Guidelines
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Certification Examination for Nurse Life Care Planners
Application Deadline
Examination Date  
(Starting January 1, 2017)
On an as-needed basis through PSI
Candidates must meet the following eligibility criteria at the time of application:
  1. Provision of proof of valid Registered Nurse licensure, or its equivalent in other countries, for at least the prior three (3) years immediately preceding application. The license must be active, without any restrictions and a current copy of the license must be submitted with the Candidate's application

  2. Verification of a minimum of two (2) years fulltime paid professional experience in a role (e.g., life care planning, community based case management, medical cost projections, Medicare set-aside allocations, lifetime nurse care planning, community based rehabilitation nursing, public health nursing, community based legal nurse consulting) that utilizes the nursing process in assessing and determining an individual’s long term/lifetime treatment needs and costs, across the continuum of care.
Candidates meeting criteria A and B above must also meet one of the following eligibility 'Routes' pertaining to education and relevant experience:

     Route 1    Completion of 120 continuing education units* relating to life care planning or in equivalent areas (see the Content Outline depicted on pages 15- 20) that can be applied to the development of a life care plan, or pertain to the service delivery applicable to life care planning, within the five (5) years immediately preceding application.

    * There must be a minimum of 16 hours specific to a basic orientation,
    methodology, and standards of practice relevant to the nurse life care
    planning process contained within the continuing education curriculum.

    Route 2    Verification* of two (2) years life care planning experience,
    or a variant thereof
(e.g., lifetime nurse care planning, etc., as described
    above), that incorporates the nursing process and skill set inherent to the
    assessment and determination of treatment needs and their respective costs
    across the continuum of care within the past five years immediately
    preceding the application.

    *Verification must be authenticated by an employer or a minimum of two
    referral sources.

Checklist for CNLCP® Initial Certification Application submission shall include the following:
  • A completed Application for the CNLCP® Examination
  • A copy of a current, unrestricted, RN license or computer generated document from the Candidate’s State Board of Nursing demonstrating active licensure without restrictions
  • The Candidate’s resume or curriculum vitae
  • Route 2 Verification, indicative of two (2) years fulltime, paid, professional work experience in the field of life care planning or a variant thereof, as described above
  • Full payment of the current required fee(s)
It should be noted that if ambiguity exists in terms of pathway interpretation/qualification, a final decision will be made by the CNLCP® Certification Board Application Committee, consisting of the Certification Board Chairman, Certification Board Co-Chairman and the Certification Board Secretary.
AANLCP Members $425.00
Non-AANLCP Members $525.00
Regional Testing Center(s)
It will be offered at PSI testing centers. Click here to search for the site nearest you.

NOTE: You will not be able to select a testing center on the PSI site prior to receiving confirmation that you are registered for a certification exam.
Handbook and Application Request

Certification Examination for Nurse Life Care Planners

Click here to Download the Handbook and Application Now!

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Recertification Guidelines
Certification Renewal

Certification for Nurse Life Care Planners is recognized for a period of five (5) years. The CNLCP® credential may be renewed either by retaking and passing the CNLCP® examination by the expiration date of your certification, or by submitting a renewal application along with sixty (60) hours of life care planning education by the established deadline. Additional information can be obtained from

Effective June 1, 2011, the CNLCP® recertification criteria includes verification of sixty (60) continuing education units (e.g., CEUs, points of credit) in nurse life care planning, or completion of a Boardapproved nurse life care planner core curriculum, or completion of at least twelve (12) academic semester credits of nursing coursework related to nurse life care planning at the licensee’s current level of licensure or higher.

To renew by points of credit/continuing education unit requirements, CNLCPs must:
  1. Have current licensure as a registered nurse, with no restrictions. A copy of your current RN license must be sent with your recertification application.
  2. Complete the enclosed recertification application listing sixty (60) hours of continuing education units (CEUs) and/or 60 points of credit hours earned within your 5 year certification period.
  3. Copies of your certificatesmust be sentwith your application.
  4. Have no lapse in CNLCP® certification.
  5. Pay the required fee: $375 for AANCLP members or $575 for non-members.
If you choose to renew by examination, contact Professional Testing Corporation (PTC) at 212-356-0660 or download a Handbook and Application for Candidates. If recertifying by examination, the exam must be completed and test results available prior to the expiration of your certification.

If you choose to renew by points of credit, 60 points of credit are required to renew your certification. Please fully complete, sign and return your Application for recertification with your fee, copies of your Certificates of Completion, and your current RN license. Please send your application and fee to:

CNLCP Recertification
C/o Professional Testing Corporation
1350 Broadway - 17th Floor
New York NY 10018

It is recommended that you submit your application at least 30 days prior to the expiration date of your certification.

Please read the CNLCP Guidelines for Certification Renewal for complete information.
Application for Certified Nurse Life Care Planners Recertification by Continuing Education
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