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Prometric provides computer-based testing centers at hundreds of locations throughout the U.S. and Canada as well as some international locations. Click the link below to find the testing center nearest you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions? Here are answers to some of our frequently asked questions. If your question isn’t answered here, please contact PTC.

When will I receive my official score report?

Your official score report will be sent to you within 4 weeks after the testing period has ended.

Why can't I get instant test results?

The scoring process involves several steps of checking and rechecking the data for accuracy. Also, an item analysis of each question on the examination is conducted prior to finalizing the scoring.

Can I get my score over the phone or fax?

Due to privacy and security concerns, PTC will not discuss examination results with anyone over the phone or by fax. We will only deliver results to candidates via the information provided on their examination application.

After I submit my application, when should I get a reply?

You should receive a response within 10 business days after you have submitted your test application. If you still have not heard back from PTC after 10 business days, please call us at 212-356-0660 or email ptcny@ptcny.com.

Can I get a copy of the questions and answers on my examination?

Due to examination security, the test questions and answers are not released to candidates.

If I can’t find my Scheduling Authorization (or I never received one), what should I do?

You will need to follow the instructions on your Scheduling Authorization to make your test appointment. You should receive an email with your Scheduling Authorization approximately 11 weeks before your testing period begins. If you cannot locate the email or you never received it, please call us at 212-356-0660 for a duplicate copy.

What do I need to bring with me to the test center?

All candidates MUST bring their current, drivers license, passport or US military ID, to the test center. Temporary, paper licenses are NOT accepted at the testing center. Please also check the Handbook for Candidates, as well as your Scheduling Authorization email, for any other materials required for your specific examination.

My test center was impacted by bad weather, internet disruption, or power failure. What do I do?

Please call PTC at 212-356-0660 for assistance. We will try to get you rescheduled to test as soon as possible

My examination application requires that I submit supporting documentation. Can I send in the documentation separately?

Your application, fees, and all required documentation should be submitted at the same time.

How can I study for my examination?

There is a Content Outline and Reference List in your Handbook for Candidates, along with several sample questions. You can also check with the association or certification board for additional test preparation suggestions. Please visit our Practice Test Page to see if there is an online Practice Test for your examination. PTC does not provide formal study guides or sample examinations.

How can I request a hand score, duplicate copy of my score report or duplicate copy of my certificate?

Please complete the appropriate form posted in the Candidate Corner, then send it to us with the required fee(s).

How do I find a Computer Based Test Center near me?

Please visit the Find a Test Center page or call Prometric at 1-800-741-0934.

I can’t take my examination. Can I get a refund or transfer to another date?

Please refer to the refund and/or rescheduling/transfering policy in the Handbook for Candidates for your examination.

I am having trouble with my online application.

Please contact Technical Support via our contact page or call us at 212-356-0660.