PTC Launches Digital Badges through BadgeCert

PTC’s new digital badges offer organizations a meaningful way to recognize their stakeholders’ certifications, awards, and continuing education experiences in a format that can be readily shared online. The digital badges bring dynamic content to credential verification:

  • Branded icons embedded with links to qualifying information, such as who issued the credential, where and how it was earned, and a detailed description of the competencies met
  • Printable e-certificates with embedded QR codes for real-time verification
  • Issuance and expiration dates
  • Secure and verifiable information that protects the integrity of the credential
  • Links to multimedia artifacts such as pictures, websites, videos, or documents
  • Easily shared on email signatures, social networks, websites, and digital resumes

As certificants share and post their digital badges, they act as ambassadors for your organization by extending the brand to a wider network.

Contact PTC today if you are interested in offering digital badges to your certificants!

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