Sallyann Henry – A Women’s History Month Tribute

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In honor of Women’s History Month, we would like to honor PTC’s founder and former President, Sallyann Henry.

Sallyann’s spirit animal is a lion. Her office displayed lion trinkets and statues she collected over the years. Just like a lion, Sallyann embodies strength, confidence, and bravery. Originally from Darien, CT, she earned a Master’s degree and PhD from Columbia University at a time when it was rare for women to hold advanced degrees and pursue careers. Throughout her career, Sallyann shattered glass ceilings by doing incredible work with clients, authoring professional journal articles, leading workshops, and earning the respect of the credentialing industry – which was a male dominated field at the time. Being a true trailblazer and strong businesswoman, Sallyann made the brave move to start her own company in 1983 and Professional Testing Corporation (PTC) was born. Under her leadership, PTC became a global leader in testing and assessment services.

Sallyann would come to the office each day in her signature tailored business suit, ready to conquer the world. She juggled the responsibilities of leading PTC and numerous client projects, never missing a deadline. Her positivity and energy were unmatched. Sallyann would often travel for weeks at a time, going from meeting to meeting all over the world to support PTC’s clients, who valued her wisdom and trusted her guidance.
PTC’s motto, “Putting People First”, was inspired by Sallyann. She considered staff to be a family and took pride in the long tenure of PTC’s employees, crediting them with much of PTC’s success. The true secret to that success was the way Sallyann created an atmosphere and work culture that supported each staff member as an individual and encouraged them to develop their own potential. Sallyann truly cared about each staff member and client and treated everyone with the utmost respect. Her door was always open and she was always happy to talk and offer support. She encouraged and welcomed ideas and suggestions from staff to help improve and grow PTC, both internally and externally.

Just as everyone in a family pitches in to get the job done, Sallyann expected the same from staff and led by example. She felt that there was no task beneath her and was willing to help with anything needed to get the job done – even if it was something as simple as stuffing envelopes. Even after retiring, Sallyann continued to help PTC in any way she could. Whenever she came in to the office to do her part, she brought her lion-spirited professionalism with her.
All that PTC is today, we owe to our founder Sallyann Henry. We were honored to have Sallyann join us at our 40th anniversary celebration in 2023. We continue to follow her example, striving to grow PTC to new heights.