At the WPA, everything we do is about uniting the pet community through knowledge, integrity, innovation, and leadership. What drove us in 1950 continues to drive us today – core values that are at the heart of our purpose and product. Nurturing a healthier, more productive, and collaborative pet industry that enriches both pet and human lives.

The PGC measures the foundational knowledge, safety, and technical skills of groomers. The successful achievement of the PGC mark indicates a groomer has core competency knowledge and skills to offer professional and safe grooming services. Combined with a robust ongoing continuing education requirement to maintain the credential, the PGC is the first measuring system in the world to assess groomers in a recognized standardized exam which meets best practices within the credentialing community.

REQUIREMENTS: Please download and read the Handbook below and then choose any two Eligibility Forms and review the Code of Ethics.

WPA-PGC Eligibility Pathway – Education

WPA-PGC Eligibility Pathway – Work Experience

WPA-PGC Eligibility Pathway – Relevant Field Study

WPA-PGC Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics


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